Wertheim at the River Main

Castle Wertheim

The majestic Wertheim castle dominates the town. From there one can enjoy an impressive view of where the Tauber and the Main Rivers meet.
The historical origin of Wertheim is located in nowadays town of Kreutzwertheim (Bavaria) where in 1132 a Franconian lineage called counts of Wertheim settled. Around that time construction of the castle started on the opposite side of the river. During the centuries the castle increased its size to almost reach the center of the town. In 1565 the lineage of the counts of Wertheim died out and was replaced almost 40 years later by the Löwenstein Princes. Through alliance the branch of the counts of Rosenberg was added to the family line. The castle endured two major destructions. All projects of reconstruction were finally abandoned and the castle became finally property of the town of Wertheim in 1995.
In the Princely residence (built 1735) in Kreutzwertheim still live members of the family line Wertheim-Freudenberg-Löwenstein.

Picturesque lanes and alleys within the city walls of Wertheim invite the guests for a walk or to enjoy a stroll along the romantic Tauber or Main rivers. Historical buildings like the Collegiate church (1384) and the Saint Killian´s chapel will impress you with their artistic design.

Wertheim is also world famous for another artwork. The glassblowing industry is a substantial ingredient for the town and a visit to the Glass museum is a” must” for every visitor.

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