A "Small" Village with "Big" Winegrowing

Old Town Hall


Großheubach is an officially recognized resort and a wine village with 5200 inhabitants. It stretches between the river Main and the monastery "Engelberg". The name "Grozzheid-bach" was mentioned first in a letter from 1358. Back then the fertile soil was the basis for the breeding of silkworms, cultivation of tobacco and winegrowing. Winegrowing started in the 11th century and is an important economic branch until today.
The monastery "Engelberg" with the pilgrimage church St. Michael was erected about 1300 on top of the Engelberg. It's been managed by the Franciscan monks since 1828 until today. After a walk, the monastery's cozy tavern offers recreative relaxation with dark beer, tasty bread and cheese.
In a back room inside the church, you find the family graves of the Princes of Löwenstein – the family still resides in Kleinheubach. The monastery can be reached by the "Engelsstaffeln" (612 stone steps), walkways through the vineyard and by car.
Later the winning and working on the abundant Red Sandstone and coppercraft became the main trades besides agriculture. Two families in Grossheubach still practise the cop-persmith trade. But handcraft couldn't withstand the manufacturing industry and today it is only practiced as side job.
People in Großheubach are very special. They are open-hearted, open-minded and know how to celebrate cheery events. Everybody is welcome at any time. Cozy restaurants offer everything – from country style to exclusive. A wonderful village in the "Land at the Main".

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